Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Working At Wicked Loot

We’re always on the hunt for good talent. People who care more about creating great games more than anything else. Working here at Wicked Loot is an adventure, not just a job. We go out of our way to create memorable experiences as well as memorable games. What do I mean by that? How about a handy dandy top 10 list?

  1. We believe in empowering gamers to create. We built a user generated content platform that encourages our fans to create and share content.
  2. Flexible hours, as you can you can work from home several days a week. We believe in giving you the freedom to work from where you are most productive.
  3. We flew the whole team out to Hawaii to work for 3 months, covering all expenses.
  4. We pulled off a 48 hour marathon live stream of us wrapping up our Kickststarter campaign, pulling in over 600K viewers.
  5. Free games, movie tickets, and food.
  6. You can bring your pets into the office.
  7. We don’t just entertain the world, we also help try to improve it with our charity efforts, which included aid to the Philippines and Toys 4 Toys.
  8. Decorate the office as you like. No cubicles.
  9. Creative freedom. Because when it comes to making games, your input is valuable.
  10. We have a simple belief that whatever big companies do, we don’t do.

When I sold my home this past year to fund the dream of making games, I knew that making the journey memorable was important.┬áIf you’re the kind of person that loves the thought of throwing yourself into everything you create, then please reach out to us. We’d love to work with like-minded people.