Spark Rising Kickstarter Campaign a Success!

It was 30 days of non-stop action! Culminating in a 48 hour marathon live stream on Our Kickstarter campaign is now over and we’re just coming back up from the sleepy tomb as we gather our senses and start to work towards finishing the game. Overall more than 500 people backed our campaign, with an average donation of $40 a person. Over $21K was raised. So what were some of the highlights? Famous game designers like Mark Jacob, who is working on Camelot Unchained, and Chris Taylor, the creator of Total Annihilation, and the Stonehearth bros all backed our campaign. It’s cool when your fellow creators believe in you. Our Reddit AMA become one of the top ranked stories of the day, as I went online and shared how I sold my home to fund the dream. We created a wicked awesome freeze frame trailer made all the more wicked with Russell the voice actor. We held a 48 hour live stream on Twitch that ultimately attracted more than 650K viewers. We had nearly daily updates showcasing new stuff never before announced. We struck a deal with the creator of Qubicle to offer his voxel creation software for a dedicated tier. Bane loves us! Or hates us. We can’t tell. Christian dressing up like a penguin… twerking… live streaming… and enjoying it. We’re ultra thankful for everyone’s support. It means the world to the team and I here at Wicked Loot. Over the next many months, we’ll keep you attuned to all the development going on with Spark Rising, as this game will be shaped by your creative feedback....

Spark Rising Kickstarter Now Live!

The rumors are true! We’re on Kickstarter! If you love the game concept we’re putting together then this Kickstarter is for you. You can now back our project financially and help make it better. We threw in quiet a slew of bonuses for early backers. Here’s a list of potential things you can get if you support our beta prime tier, or alpha prime tier! Beta or alpha access to the game, which means you can start playing an early version within a few months, long before anyone else. Extra copies of the game you can give to your friends! Rare boosters that enhance your ability to find loot! Exclusive vanity pet that follows you around Exclusive exo-suit that gives you more firepower Digital artbook Digital soundtrack Digital wallpapers A free copy of our hit game Munch Face Now for the truly loyal fans you can earn some of these awesome items! Limited edition Spark Rising t-shirt Hardcore artbook Game design credit You’ll be in the game as an NPC Design your own monster Design your own fortress Design your own campaign Become the evil villain! So hop to it! SUPPORT OUR KICKSTARTER TODAY! While you are at it… Vote for us on Steam Greenlight so that Spark Rising can see the light of day on...

Spark Rising: A Sandbox FPS Game

We’re finally taking the wrappings off of a game concept we been brewing here at Wicked Loot. Introducing Spark Rising! Spark Rising is a sandbox action strategy game where you build fortresses and fight back against an invasion. You can build fortresses, weapons, creatures with our voxel game engine, and then take all that into battle. Imagine a game where you can explore and conquer floating fortresses across the galaxy created via user generated content. In addition to user generated content, the game features upgrade systems, co-op gameplay, and a robust story mode. Check out Spark Rising!...

What’s Fascinating About Voxels

Voxels are cooler than polygons. Debate you geeks! When we started working on this game, we were inspired by the ultra simplicity of building cool stuff that Minecraft had laid out. I spent countless hours in Creative Mode building random things. My city of the future could easily inspire the next city constructed in China if they don’t care about architectural integrity (some say that’s the case already.) It inspired me enough to look into voxel tech as it wasn’t something that is widely used in the gaming industry. The story behind voxels is just as fascinating as the tech itself. This article captures why the voxel ultimately became the “Betamax” of the video game industry. So first off, what are voxels? Without getting too technical, a voxel is a combo word for “Volumetric Pixel”. In other words, it’s pixels in a 3D space. So if you had a 2D picture of mario using a 16×16 grid, voxels would make it feel dimensional, ie. 16x16x16. So every point in a 16x16x16 grid can be clearly defined as a specific space in 3D. Few games use a voxel approach, instead opting for polygons. Think of a polygon based pyramid as the surface of the pyramid, which is created when you connect lines from each point. A voxel pyramid would be filled up in each spot, like a real pyramid that the Egyptians built. Over on this site, you can get a tutorial on it all, if this sort of thing titillates you, but otherwise, this below kinda captures what I mean. The left side of the image shows a character...

This game captures something that so few recent games have done, and that’s an atmosphere. Buy this now. Thumbs up.


We think this particular combination might be a winner.

Nerd Age

It was as if someone climbed into my mind and created a game based on things I like.

Ethan Moses

Spark Rising is ambitious and I love it. Wicked Loot will definitely be getting my money.

Indie Haven

This game is a bundle of fun.


This game is off to a great start so far so here is to hoping it continues to evolve and deliver on the promises it has made.