Spark Rising Kickstarter Campaign a Success!

It was 30 days of non-stop action! Culminating in a 48 hour marathon live stream on Our Kickstarter campaign is now over and we’re just coming back up from the sleepy tomb as we gather our senses and start to work towards finishing the game. Overall...

Spark Rising Kickstarter Now Live!

The rumors are true! We’re on Kickstarter! If you love the game concept we’re putting together then this Kickstarter is for you. You can now back our project financially and help make it better. We threw in quiet a slew of bonuses for early backers....

Spark Rising: A Sandbox FPS Game

We’re finally taking the wrappings off of a game concept we been brewing here at Wicked Loot. Introducing Spark Rising! Spark Rising is a sandbox action strategy game where you build fortresses and fight back against an invasion. You can build fortresses,...

What’s Fascinating About Voxels

Voxels are cooler than polygons. Debate you geeks! When we started working on this game, we were inspired by the ultra simplicity of building cool stuff that Minecraft had laid out. I spent countless hours in Creative Mode building random things. My city of the future...

This game captures something that so few recent games have done, and that’s an atmosphere. Buy this now. Thumbs up.


We think this particular combination might be a winner.

Nerd Age

It was as if someone climbed into my mind and created a game based on things I like.

Ethan Moses

Spark Rising is ambitious and I love it. Wicked Loot will definitely be getting my money.

Indie Haven

This game is a bundle of fun.


This game is off to a great start so far so here is to hoping it continues to evolve and deliver on the promises it has made.