Platforms: iOS

Concept: Endless runner game that rewards you with in-game currency if you exercise in real life. Features procedurally generated levels based on groupings, in-game shop, multiple characters to play, and step activity tracking system.

Technology: Unity 3D based, with proprietary technology that integrates step activity tracking.

Notable: Integrates phone’s built in pedometer features to track a person’s activity level during the day, and converts it into Fit Coins that can be used to build power ups.

Publisher: Fit Entertainment

Platforms: PC, Mac

Concept: Sandbox game that combines elements from Minecraft and first person shooters. Play as a Spark Bot that explores floating worlds, conquering bases, and taking down a mad god.

Technology: Unity 3D based, mixed with voxel game engine Cubiquity, and custom world generation.

Notable: The game was successfully Kickstarter, greenlit on Steam, and showcased at GDC.

Platforms: Android, Ouya, Web-based

Concept: Arcade game mash up, mixing gameplay elements from Pac-Man, Bomberman, Metal Gear Solid, and even Portal! Featured over 100 levels, half dozen weapons, and boss battles.

Technology: Unity 3D based, with custom built user generated content platform.

Notable: One of the original games that launched on Ouya. Featured a user generated content platform that allowed users to create their own levels.

Platforms: Web-based

Concept: Battle game mixing Pokemon gameplay mechanics with pop culture parody. Recruit celebrities to join your entourage and do battle in turn-based combat.

Technology: Flash-based

Notable: Over 1 million downloads to date. Launched as short episodes with 3 completing a trilogy. Won game of the week, generating reviews over 90%.

Publisher: MTV Games