Ninjas vs Mafia

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Ninjas vs Mafia is an RPG game at heart, so if you know how to play RPGs, then you are already on your way. The game was inspired by Pokemon with a pop culture twist.

You play as Victor, who is thrust in a mystery that involves family members tied with a questionable pasts. You have to recruit members to join your entourage, and use each person’s unique skills to defeat enemies in battle. The turn based battles require you to manage your team, use special attacks and items to get the leg up on increasingly deadly, and stranger enemies. You can improve your stats as you gain levels, buy power ups in the store, and even level up your entourage as well. You’ll have to battle ninjas, mafia, and twisted pop culture icons. It’s all rather tongue in cheek and a bit silly!

Ninjas vs Mafia 2


The game was developed in Flash, and due to the popularity of the 1st game, a sequel was made, which starred Ludette, a female character. There are different versions of the game out there, including a deluxe version for each episode, as well as hacked versions as well, once the game got popular. To date, over a million play have played the game series.


A 3rd game in the episodic series was created but never released, as the idea had spurred interest in building a full blown game. That full blown game… is still being conceptualized! Who knows, we may still go back and release the 3rd episode.

To play Episode One (the Deluxe Version), click here.

To play Episode Two, click here.

For hints and tips on how to play, check out our forums.