What technology do you primarily use?

We are primarily a Unity 3D-based development studio. Art-wise, we use Photoshop, Maya, and Illustrator. For video production we use Premiere, and Sony Movie Studio. We do use various middleware tools based on various projects, and we also custom develop lots of stuff.

Do you do development work for others?

Yes we do! We only take on a few projects at a time to ensure we dedicate the attention that is needed to complete a project. If you are interested in game development services, please contact us.

I want to make a video of your games using in-game footage and music. Can I?

For all you YouTubers out there, yes, you can ! We simply ask that you attribute the in-game footage and music to the appropriate game and let us know that you are doing it, so we can check it out! You have our explicit permission to put up videos of our game and use the music from the game and run ads before the video.

In addition, any video posted under accounts from our staff, which include John Master Lee and Christian Paz, or on the Wicked Loot YouTube or Twitch account have explicit permission to do the same.

This applies to our games Spark Rising, and Munch Face.

Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for great talent! We hire based on projects we have in motion, so it really depends where things are in development. Please send your resume and portfolio to us. Often times, if something isn’t available right now, we may start a new projects if your background is fitting, we’ll reach out!