12 Days of Indie – Charity Event for Toys for Toys



Wicked Loot is proud to take part in this year’s 12 Days of Indie charity drive! Thanks to Ambushed Gamer for putting all of this together! It’s 12 days of indie game streaming on Twitch.tv to raise money for Toys for Toys. 18 streamers from 9 countries, 15 developers, and countless indie game fans will gather for a non-stop streamapalooza! Collectively we’re out to raise $12K. We can do that, right?


And of course you got the Wicked Loot taking part too! We’ll be doing 2 live streams in the next two weeks where we’ll showcase all new stuff on Spark Rising!

12/10/13 – Tuesday
3pm – 5pm PST

12/12/13 – Thursday
3pm – 5pm PST